Linux on a 17 year old laptop

A few years ago I wrote about my IBM Thinkpad happily running Puppy Linux. The laptop is still running fine but now with AntiX.

Maintaining the Raspberry Pi Squeezebox server (aka Logitech Media Server)

This article describes how to maintain a Squeezebox server (or Logitech Media Server). All software used for this project is free and open source.

Humble start of Bash scripting (part 2)

In Part II of my Bash scripting adventures I’ll write a script to resize an image.

Humble start with Bash scripting

2019 is a good year to start scripting with Bash

Give your old PC a new life

My neighbors wanted to throw away a perfectly good PC with Windows 10. But instead I installed Ubuntu MATE giving the PC a new life and didn’t let it become ewaste.