When to use Friendica over Mastodon

When my Mastodon instance was down I took another shot at Friendica. Here are my thoughts about it.

To improve Funkwhale

Funkwhale is a social platform to enjoy and share music. As part of the Fediverse Funkwhale is not only an audio server and player, it aspires to be a place for socializing around music and discovering new content. Below are some tips for the developers to improve Funkwhale.

I’m leaving YouTube

In this post I’ll explain my reasons to leave YouTube. My videos will be available on PeerTube and new videos will be added there.

The Movim social network

Movim is a social network based on XMPP that lets you chat, blog and setup a news feed. I’m using it for two years now and I wanted to share some of my experience..

Freedom in the Cloud (eleven years later)

Eleven years after Eben Moglen’s speech Freedom in the Cloud I’m looking back at was has been achieved in ethical social networking.

Lemmy, the federated alternative of Reddit

In this post I write about my experience with the link aggregator Lemmy.

The exciting roadmap of PeerTube version 3.

Framasoft published a roadmap for version 3 of Peertube and you can contribute.

DeGoogle my life

According to Wikipedia to DeGoogle is the act of removing Google from your life. As the growing market share of the internet giant creates monopolistic power for the company in digital spaces, increasing numbers of journalists have noted the difficulty to find alternatives to the company’s products. This is my experience to purge my life of Google and I can assure you it’s difficult but if we don’t act soon it will become impossible.

ActivityPub, the secret weapon of the Fediverse

If you’re new to the Fediverse you should know about ActivityPub and why it gives the Fediverse an edge over other social networks.

Welcome to the new decade

In the coming decade we need to take back control of the internet. The Fediverse will help us do that.