Who I am

I’m a privacy, free/libre software, open data and open standards advocate. I’m holding a grudge against Big Tech, big IP holders and authoritharian governments. Furthermore I’m a 3D designer, 3D printer, webdesigner and overall DIY guy. On this website I blog about social networks, privacy, free and open source software and my DIY projects.


It has become rare in Western society to make something ourselves. Nowadays almost every product can be bought for a price so low and a quality so high that it appears foolish for most people to make it themselves. As a consequence the vast majority of the people are users and only users. Unfortunately, the price that we pay for being users is high. Users are fairly ignorant about the product they buy. They often lack understanding of a product and how it is made. As a result products get thrown away when they appear to be broken. Making something myself is a huge learning experience. Not only do I learn a lot about the product I’m making but also about the techniques and tools you’re using while making it. This adds great value to the product and as a bonus if it’s broken I’m probably able to repair it.