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Darth Vader chest box finished

Most impressive. Obi Wan has taught you well.

The main features of the Darth Vader chest box are:

  • enclosure laser cut plywood (6mm)
  • easy control with four push buttons
  • DIY voice changer circuit with Holtek HT8950A
  • LM386 amplifier
  • build-in speaker
  • audio-in (3.5mm)

When I started the Darth Vader chest box early december 2015 I didn’t expect it would take me almost two months. Finally this week I finished it and I’m happy to say that it works great. For a couple of weeks it was almost finished but there always seemed to be some work to be done. A major problem was that I couldn’t get the 3D printed container for the audio-jack right. I tried it several times at my local fablab but it just didn’t fit. Finally I ordered the container from 3D Hubs and it had a perfect fit.

Audio-jack container (right) and volume knob (left). The blue parts were printed by me while the black parts were ordered through 3D Hubs. the X,Y-dimensions of the blue parts were off probably due to overextruding. The black parts were fine.

Next I made all the external connections to the perfboard, always a delicate job. I mounted the perfboard and all other components to the laser cut plywood parts.

All electrical components(buttons, perfboard, battery compartment, audio-jack, on/off switch)  fitted to the plywood parts. The speaker is fitted to the front panel of the chest box.

Finallly I glued all laser cut parts together with regular wood glue except for the front panel. When the batteries need replacement or some other kind of problem occurs I still have access to the inside of the chest box.

Chest box with FM radio connected to audio-in.


Schematics of the Darth Vader chest box.

As a last step I intend to write an instructable of the chest box providing anyone interested with the schematics, files for the laser cutter and 3D parts. In the mean time here are the links to the other blog posts on this chest box:

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