Building an Intrusion alarm part 3

I solved the problem with the circuit. I simply forgot to place a single wire that powers the coil. After this I was ready to solder the complete circuit on the Adafruit perfboard. I started with the noise making part of the circuit and tested it. Then I continued with the sensor and the relay […]

Building an Intrusion Alarm part 2

I had to scale down the circuit that I had built before because the perf board that I’m going to use is pretty small (Adafruit Perma-Proto 1/2 Sized Breadboard). I also decided to change the relay that I used for another type. I previously used the SRC-S-12VDC which works fine but the pin layout is […]

Experiment 15: Building an Intrusion Alarm

A couple of years ago I started working with electronics as a hobby. The reason was that it seemed cool to create electronics gadgets and learn about electronics in the process. I had limited training in electronics so I decided to start with simple electronics kits. These kits contain a PCB, electronic components and a […]

DIY bar table

I finished a bar table for our kitchen today. I found a design for a table made of scaffolding wood. This wood is probably the cheapest that one can get but it is sturdy and it looks nice (at least that’s what I think). The local DIY shop where the wood was bought also cut […]