Shoe rack finished

Over this weekend I finished the shoe rack for my wife. I decided to use a transparant high gloss varnish with excellent protection against scratches. This varnish “Rambo Jachtlak” is even suitable for boats so I figured it’s can withstand my wives shoe’s. ┬áThe price tag of the varnish is hefty but I figured that the rack deserved it. I applied it in two layers with a large rectangular brush. The varnish needs to dry 24 hours after each layer. Once dry my wife immediately filled the rack with shoes and is very pleased with the result. All in all a nice project though not without some mistakes. But as the proverb goes: by ignorance we mistake and by mistakes we learn.
More information on this project can be found on the links below:

My wife immediately filled the rack with shoes.
Two layers of lacquers were used for a satisfactory finish.
A closer look at the shoe rack. The strips prevent the shoes from sliding.

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