DIY wooden shoe rack (part 2)

Previously I wrote about a shoe rack that I’m making for my wife. The initial design had two flaws. First some shoes tended to slide of the shelf. Secondly there was a space between the stands and some shelfs. As a consequence the whole structure was unstable. Yesterday I disassembled the rack. Then I cut strips out of the same plywood that I used for the shoe rack. I glued the strips on the end of a shelf (see image below) and sanded the edges of the strips to align them with the shelf. Next I marked the points on the stands where I wanted to insert a screw and drilled them with a 3mm (3/32 inch) drill bit. Next I assembled the shoe rack using the dowels and drilled with the same drill bit in the shelfs using the stands as a mock up. I inserted 4x35mm (1/8×1-1/4 inch) screws and sanded the shoe rack. The result is a very stable rack. Gone are the spaces between the stands and the shelfs and shoes no longer slide of the shelfs. Next I’m going to finish the shoe rack with a transparant varnish.

I cut strips (left) and glued one to each shelf.

Inserting screws into the assembled shoe rack eliminates the spaces between the stands and the shelfs.

The nearly finish shoe rack is stable and the shoe won’t slide of the shelf. It only needs a nice varnish.

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