DIY streaming media box: the components

As described in my last post I’m building a streaming media box running Kodi. I finally received the components I needed to complete the build (together with the motherboard, 4Gb memory and a Celeron G1610 processor that I had spare). As a case I chose the LC-1410mi from LC-Power. It’s a small black case with a 200W power supply built-in. The case is suitable for my mini-ITX motherboard as well as for micro-ATX. The metal case has a black high-gloss that goes nicely with the other equipment in the living room and can be placed both in horizontal and vertical position. The price of the LC-1410mi is about $40 (in Europe) which is not as cheap as the LC-1400mi however the size of the LC-1410mi is more suitable for the living room.

LC-Power LC-1410mi. The front can slide open to access the USB and audio connectors. The metal case has a black high-gloss.
Case of the LC-Power opened. The 200W power supply, 5,25 inch and 3,5 inch bay become visible.

As a storage medium I chose the SanDisk solid state drive of 128Gb. Since I only intent to use the media box for streaming 128Gb is more than sufficient to store the operating system (probably OpenELEC). Furthermore the SSD ensures short boot time just what is needed for a media box.  I bought the SSD for $50.

Lastly I bought the a TP-Link wifi card (PCI card) since I don’t want to use an ethernet cable. Price $14. The total price of the media streamer is $103 (VAT and remote control excluded). Not bad for a versatile system like this. I didn’t decide on a remote control but I lean towards the Rii mini i8 which is about $25 (or even lower) and includes a small keyboard.

All additional components for the streaming media box. LC-1410mi case, 128Gb SanDisk SSD, TP-Link wifi card and 4Gb DDR3 1333MHz memory.

Next I will build the mediabox and install software and hopefully have the whole system running Kodi.

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