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I received 50 TEA2025B amplifiers over the mail today. I ordered these IC’s about two weeks ago at Aliexpress is an affiliate of Alibaba. I have never ordered components from Aliexpress before and I was curious to see how they would perform. Eager to get my hands on these OpAmps I quickly unpacked but was horrified with what I saw. All 50 IC’s were just thrown in a plastic bag and put in an envelop. The only thing protecting the IC was a small piece of bubble plastic wrapped around the plastic bag. No wonder that half of the IC damaged. Multiple pins on an IC were bended severely. I just wonder why the seller didn’t take the trouble to put the IC in a conductive foam which is common practice. I’m a very disappointed customer.

50 TEA2025B’s with plastic bag envelop. Why send it like this?

Close-up of the IC’s with multiple bended pins. No wonder if you send IC’s like this

Straighten the pins and put the IC’s in conductive foam. I’ll will test the IC’s later to asses the damage.

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Aliexpress and DX have lots of counterfeit components. I have here ~40pcs of fake AMS1117 3.3V LDO's, that do show 3.3V over it but when a very small current is drawn it immediately makes a short, supplying the full voltage to your load. Tested several of them an all behaved like this. Authentic component from Farnell is working as expected, but I lost few expensive atXmega chips because of counterfeit LDO's.. Not buying discrete components from Ali/DX anymore.

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