Community firmware for Squeezebox Touch/Radio/Controller

Besides keeping the Lyrion Music Server (previously Logitech Media Server) up-to-date it’s important to keep your players (or clients) up-to-date too. For the Squeezebox Touch, Squeezebox Radio and Squeezebox Controller firmware is available that is maintained by the Squeezebox community.

This firmware is the work of Squeezebox community members lead by a Squeezebox user named Ralphy (here is a link to the announcement). From 2020 on-wards they updated the firmware and now have arrived at version 8.5.0. This latest update is an important one as I found out myself.

I noticed that I was getting a huge amount of DNS queries coming from my network to and I realized this was all due to being shutdown. If you, like me, want to stop these queries you need to install the latest firmware on your players. Below I explain how to do that.

Screenshot of Adguard showing the huge amount of DNS queries.

To install the firmware you need to first install a 3rd party plugin named Community Firmware for Touch/Radio/Controller. This plugin can be found under Server Settings in the web interface and then select Manage Plugins. Next scroll down until you’ll see the 3rd party plugins and tick the box for Community Firmware for Touch/Radio/Controller. Once installed, select Manage Plugins again and go to the settings of the Community Firmware Plugin and tick the box to activate the plugin. Don’t forget to save.

Screenshot of the web interface of Lyrion Music Server with Material Skin.

Now on each player you need to update the firmware. This differs for each type of player e.g for the Squeezebox Radio it is Home/Settings/Advanced/Software Update on the players interface. I’ve updated my Squeezebox Radio and Touch and the DNS queries are gone.

NOTE: If you want to install the new firmware for the Squeezebox players beware that the minimum requirement for your Lyrion Music Server is 8.4.0.

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