Atari Punk Console part 2: the perf board

Yesterday I soldered the Atari Punk Console that I had built on a breadboard previously onto perf board. I used the Adafruit Perma-Proto (half-size) which is very convenient because of the breadboard lay-out of this perf. Then I made a classic mistake. Having little time I tried to solder the components onto the board as fast as possible. This is a simple circuit so I thought I could afford myself to do this. No wonder I connected some of the components wrongly. I had to desolder them and had to redo a lot of my work (see the close-up in the image below). The lesson here is; never try to rush while working with an iron (for more than one reason). Anyway I completed the job and the circuit appears to be working fine. In the next step I will build it into an enclosure.

Overview of the circuit with the two potentiometers below
Close-up of the breadboard with two 555 chips in the middle. 

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