Experiment 18: More components.

A small update. Saturday I received the rest of the components that I need for the Reaction Timer (Experiment 18 of Make:Electronics) and the rest of chapter 4.  I couldn’t get all the components on the shopping list (see pg. 147) from my online supplier so I had to choose some alternative components. Notably the Panasonic latching relay (I got an Omron which shouldn’t matter) and the Kingbright LED numerical display (couldn’t get the three numerals in one package so I ordered three individual numerals). Since the book only describes the three numerals in one package I had to find the pin outs of the individual numerals that I have. A simple Google search gave me the datasheet on the Kingbright USA website (here). Unfortunately I had no I time to get started with experiment 18 because I was refurbishing our bathroom this weekend (Off topic. I discovered that the Dremel is very handy while cleaning the seams between the tiles of the bathroom).

Part of the data sheet of the Kingbright SC36-11EWA (pin out at the bottom right of the image).

Kingbright SC36-11EWA numeral LED’s.

The Omron latching relay that I received.

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