DIY cushion for bar stool

This week my wife completed a couple of cushions for our DIY bar stools made of scaffolding wood . At the local market she bought fabric and foam. The fabric is of firm upholstery quality in an apple green color. This matches the color of the wood. The foam was already cut at the right size. To make the cushions the fabric for one cushion was cut into two even halfs.  These halfs were sewed together along three sides creating a sleeve. One side was held open to tuck in the foam. The open side of the fabric was then stiched by hand. Now I can sit on the stool for a prolonged amount of time without blocking the bloodcirculation to my legs.

Bar table and stools with cushion.

Fabric and foam.

Foam tucked in.
Detailed view of the bat stool and the cushion.

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