Blogger vs WordPress

Should I move my blog from Blogger to WordPress.

My sister asked me to create a website for her business. In all honesty, it’s been some time since I last made a website so I did some research before I started. I quickly found out that WordPress is now the dominating platform or content management system (CMS) as it is called. It’s also completely open source (GPL license) which is a big bonus for me. It therefore didn’t took me long to decide to use WordPress for the website.

While working with WordPress I was impressed by it’s the ease of use and the huge number of themes. Also the support on the internet is excellent. So I began asking myself if I should move my blog from Blogger to WordPress. Continue reading “Blogger vs WordPress”

Video of experiments directly to YouTube

Today I decided to upload my movies of the Make: Electronics experiments directly to my YouTube channel at . The reason is that the video that I included on are of very low quality. I also decided to make one video for an entire experiment. This gives (hopefully) a better overview off the several steps during a experiment.